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In less than 10 minutes, this handy tool shows you how your business measures up to the best run, most profitable catalogs in the industry.
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"Unsurpassed ability..."
"Your efforts to maintain the 70-year image of our company and increase profitability at the same time could only have been handled by a select few in this country. Your ability to write copy and provide guidance in photography and product selection is a rare combination to find and, I feel, unsurpassed in my experience as a direct marketer of more than 15 years." - Sam Edwards, President, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, Inc., Virginia
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Why a seasoned direct mail consultant can be one of your smartest investments

In business, it often makes sense to lease the equipment (or executive talent) you need instead of buying it. And that's how Direct Marketing Insights can help you solve your business problems and improve your mail order catalog profitability. On a part-time, temporary basis.

With our help as your direct mail consultants, you come out ahead by solving your problems…while eliminating the need to add expensive, full-time management personnel to staff whose salaries (plus bonuses, benefit, etc.) add to your permanent overhead burden.

Direct Marketing Insights offers a broad menu of direct mail marketing services including: Catalog productivity analysis, award-winning catalog creative, inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer service training, strategic planning, business and financial evaluation, startup planning and new catalog development.

Are you serious about improving the profitability of your direct mail catalog business? Want to team up with professional direct mail marketing consultants who can help you make the right moves and avoid costly mistakes? Click here to learn why Direct Marketing Insights is the partner you need.

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Just answer 20 key questions, get a clear picture how your business stacks up to others in the catalog industry.
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"Profit increased 22%..."
"We're extremely pleased with the results of our association with Direct Marketing Insights. The training program you developed for our Order Entry and Customer Service departments has paid big dividends. Your work with our catalogs has also paid off handsomely. Our ‘DMI-tuned' home products catalog is now providing a contribution to profit that has increased 22%." - Roger Peterson, President, Dick Blick Art Materials, Illinois
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